Hass and I love movies. And of course, we watched our fair share of disaster movies and what struck me then as unrealistic is, how the lives of the protagonists’ changes within a few minutes in a way that will mark him or her forever. It is logical, we might have experienced it with the death of a loved one or an accident that left some part of us not working as well as it used to. I understand that that will change your life in a significant way? That only happens to other people or in the movies, doesn’t it? I put myself into ever-changing situations frequently, but I seem resistant to the thought of change itself. However, last Thursday it actually happened to me too.

I am not writing this to spread panic or to show what a responsible or irresponsible person I am. I am writing this because I do feel like my life and probably yours will change forever and I want to capture this moment in life for myself and for you if you like to see the world from someone else’s point of view. If you expect big philosophical revelations, let me safe you some time. This won’t be it.

I actually stopped writing right there. It felt overwhelming and it took me 2 hours to write as little as is standing above this line. I couldn’t concentrate or put my churning thoughts into any form of text that I or you might be able to decipher. I wanted to write about the moment we got placed into quarantine, because Hass had symptomatic people in the office, about how I decided to not finish the school day because people kept coughing and how my teachers and other student found it amusing that I prefered to leave. How I felt panic rise in the supermarket, as everybody started hamstring good nd how confused I was about people buying every scrap of the toilet and tissue paper. How we followed the news and the government placing us under a ‘state of emergency’ and how people still partied in the park across our apartment. How confused I am that they would play with their health and others and how they wouldn’t follow the instructions so we don’t have to stay as long in quarantine.

But since I froze up then I will give this another shot in another post, to preserve the timeline.

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