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Whoever said cats are ‘silent stalkers’ has never had kids as visitors and cats going crazy at 6 in the morning- nothing silent … → October 9, 2016

Good Bye Gary and Kyle

Sometimes living is hard. One reason is, you have to say goodbye to dear people. And sometimes, these people haven’t even been …

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Rescuing cats that don’t want to be rescued is a bloody task. 3 attempts, 2 swollen fingers, a bloody trail, a difficult …

And my heart bleeds! For some they are just pets! For me Ollicat was my best friend, confidant, tear catching pillow, happiness in … → July 5, 2016

I’m about to go on my first mini trail ride. Thing is…IF I fall off, I wouldn’t know how to get back … → May 25, 2016

Living in Spain shows me I’m singing and dancing to little…let’s try and improve! from Facebook → May 16, 2016

They drugged me at the eye clinic. Can’t really see much and hope I type the right thing and the picture is sharp. Waiting in town till the drugs are worked out and I can go … → April 25, 2016