Holy Diver

Scuba diving – Wikipedia Dives: 132 / Hours: 81:37 / Country’s: 8 / Sites: 53

One of my passions next to graphics and music is diving.

In the blog I will write about my underwater experiences and here I will map my development in education, update my underwater hours and display my gear.


PoolI believe that your gear is important and needs to be trustworthy, since it should ensure your safety under water. Since I am a beginner diver, I am still searching for the ultimate dive set for me. I also believe, that I am very close to the set, that suites me right now the best.

I am diving with

  • 7 mm Bare wet suit,
  • 5 mm Cap
  • Tulsa Mask
  • Seapearls weights,
  • Seaquest pearl i3 BCD
  • Apeks XTX 200
  • XTX 40 Octopus (DIN).
  • Suunto D4 Divecomputer


There are a couple different paths in scuba education that you can follow. I chose to be PADI certified and received my Open Water and Advanced Open Water at a 5 star PADI Education Center 2008 on Malta.

Since than, Arnold and I caught the scuba bug badly and we joined some groups in the Netherlands to go on with diving and get some more education.

Here you can see my plans & progress in diving: