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Rescuing cats that don’t want to be rescued is a bloody task. 3 attempts, 2 swollen fingers, a bloody trail, a difficult …

I hoped for the beginning to eeze me in 🙂 I have 3.94% of the course done and my first self test isn’t all that bad 🙂 via Facebook → August 8, 2016

Music of the past

I used to work for several online and print music magazines and I even had my own online magazine together with a …

Ok, this went not entirely as I imagined, but I have my bike back!!! Well, most of it anyway…Gotta go back Friday … → July 8, 2016

And my heart bleeds! For some they are just pets! For me Ollicat was my best friend, confidant, tear catching pillow, happiness in … → July 5, 2016

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My cat is silently judging my photography…. My cat is rarely doing anything silent… via Facebook