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My thoughts on gadgets and geek stuff

I got hacked more often before, but till now it was always just an exchanged index file or something very juvenile and … → August 11, 2015

And another little nifty helper for long lonely overtime or just to use in the office… some of you surely know it, some will love it once they tried. I am talking about the music database … → December 16, 2010

I finally got the bluetooth keyboard work, just a shame that it is a tria*** UNREGISTER COPY ( ***l versin t*** UNREGISTER COPY ( ***hat copys oodd text in it. I hoped tfirs test if I*** … → November 5, 2010

Brave new world

The ones who know me, also know that I just love modern gizmos. I love my phone and love to experience all …

Just testing a facebook plugin for my blog. but since its late and we will be going diving tomorrow i keep it … → July 18, 2010

I’m in love …

with the idea of online backup… After I finally got around to collect and erase all my double data of variouse computers …

| made my first WordPress themegraphic. ok,thats still far away from programming acomplete theam on my own ,but it is a nice … → March 8, 2010

Well… is much to late and I can proudly tell, that I just finished the redesign of this blog. The flipside is that as I wanted to save, illustrator crashed and i figured that I was … → February 27, 2010